for OK House District 8 

Key Campaign Issues

Local Representation

  • Partnering with District 8 to research possible new businesses and further develop & support existing businesses, farms and ranches
  • Connecting people of District 8 to the process of government, creating pathways to more local control
  • Fighting at the state level to stop, limit or fix Obama Care
  • Fighting for long-term, affordable healthcare options for seniors


  • Keeping our Schools, Technology Centers and Universities in control of their future at the local level and fighting for proper state funding 
  • Researching and identifying possible solutions to recruiting and retaining quality educators in Oklahoma


  • Continuing to fight for development and funding for all county and local services like fire protection, police protection, medical response and local infrastructure needs
  • Supporting and driving economic development opportunities for small businesses through enhanced local internet and cellular telephone connectivity and stability

Constitutional Rights

  • Defending our rights that are protected under the First Amendment
  • Defending our rights that are protected under the Second Amendment 
  • Defending our rights that are protected under the Tenth Amendment, which is simply the right of the people
  • Protecting the right to life and the unborn

Quality of Life 

  • Fighting to protect and maintain our quality of life in Oklahoma by limiting intrusion from the Federal Government
  • Supporting the citizens of District 8 in regard to improving local economic growth and civil services through state driven programs


  • Protecting the rights and increasing support for American Veterans

For OK House District 8