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For OK House District 8

My name is Rick Kibbe, and I'm committed to caring about the concerns and needs of the people of Oklahoma District 8.  Like you, I want to play an active role in making my community, state and country a safer, better place to raise my grandchildren, run businesses, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise. 

As I run for the District 8 seat for the Oklahoma House of Representatives, my greatest concerns for Oklahoma are focused on proper funding and support for education, making healthcare more affordable and accessible, boosting the economy of our local OK communities, and protecting our rights as citizens. 

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our communities, and our country. 

Why Me, Why Now!

A Letter from Rick Kibbe

My name is Rick Kibbe, and I would be honored to represent my fellow Oklahomans in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.  After many hours of thinking, discussing, and praying, and with the help of my family and God, I have decided to seek a position that would serve the residents of Oklahoma.  There are many reasons behind this decision, but a big reason hangs on a wall in my home; it is a picture of our seven grandchildren.  Another reason I have decided to run for state representative comes from a deep commitment and strong passion for our state and our Oklahoma way of life.  I have a passion that stems from being raised in a close knit community in western Oklahoma.  I was raised in Arnett, OK, and I graduated from Arnett High School.  It was during this time that I had the opportunity to work with successful ranchers/farmers, business people, my future in-laws, and my own family, and it was then that I began to learn the importance of good character.  As I look back on my life, I realize that being raised in Oklahoma was a blessing; I learned that great success comes from hard work, loyalty to family and friends is very important, and it was here that I developed my strong faith in Go0d.   The Bible says in Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  God’s Word reminds me that we, as a state, must seek God’s direction and adopt a vision to move successfully into the future.  I feel that God is leading me into this decision to help make a better future for Oklahoma, so I say to Him what Isaiah 6:8 says, “Here am I, Lord.  Send me.”

            After graduating from high school, I decided to further my education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, OK.  One of my dreams in high school was to become an educator, and it was at Southwestern that I received my bachelor’s degree in education.  Also, while I was in college, I was blessed to marry my high school sweetheart and true love, Ladena Kestler.  Ladena and I have three children:  Kristy, Mike, and Jennifer.  Kristy is married to Josh Dickens, and together, they have four wonderful children.  Kristy followed in my foots6teps and became an education major.  Our son, Mike is married to Cathy Orsack.  Mike is a Marine JAG officer who is practicing law in California.  He and Cathy have been blessed with two, precious children of their own.  Our second daughter, Jennifer, is married to Mat Chambers and she works in Tulsa hospital.  Jennifer and Mat have one child.  Our family is full of love, and we have all been very blessed.  I am very thankful for my family, and I have shared with them that we are at a crossroads in Oklahoma; now is the time to make important decisions that will positively affect our families and our state for years to come.

            I have been an educator for 37 years; I have served as a teacher, bus driver, principal and superintendent for different rural communities in Oklahoma. My first administrative role was with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  I served as the Director of Education for all adult educational programs throughout a medium Security Prison.   During this time we had to evaluate and assess the curriculum concerning the GED program.  Our school had the lowest GED pass rate in the state.  Our pass ratio was twenty-five percent.  Within three months we implemented a new program and experienced a one hundred percent GED pass rate.  This one hundred percent GED pass rate continued until I left corrections.  At that time, our school was the only one in the state corrections system that maintained a one hundred percent pass rate for five years at that time.  During my time with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections I was honored with being named the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Administrator of the Year.  Also, during this time our school was named as the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Educational Unit of the Year.   We were also able to expand University course offerings to the inmates and staff.  I also served as an adjunct Professor for Northwestern Oklahoma State University.  During this time I also served as a school board member with the Helena-Goltry Public Schools.  While serving as a school board member we had various joint meeting with various school districts to discuss consolidation due to the financial situation.  We ultimately joined with the Jet-Nash School district and formed what is today Timberlake.  I was hired as the middle school principal.  The responsibility of the new administrative team was to develop new transportation routes, new policy and procedures, curriculum development, and bring the staffs and communities together.  As Middle School Principal we began offering Algebra I as a class for students that were prepared.  This concept was very new to our population but proved to be very successful.  I have become extremely concerned about the negative effects of poor decisions that have led up to Oklahoma’s financial crisis.  How will these poor decisions affect our children and our children’s future?  The decisions that have been made have lacked a positive vision for the future of our state, and it is time to change that.  Now is the time to take a stand and make decisions that will affect us in a positive light for years to come.

            Ladena and I raised our children in Oklahoma by choice; we value the culture and character here because it is biblically based, and we believe that here is a culture in Oklahoma that goes back to the very basics of life; a culture that was established by this great country’s founding fathers and a culture where the church, school, and community activities are still at the center and heartbeat of each Oklahoma community.  Our children have had the opportunity to worship with their teachers, civic leaders, and other business leaders.  Living in Oklahoma isn’t just having a neighbor down the road; it is like living and serving in a community filled with members of your own family.  I want that for all Oklahomans.

           With Oklahoma’s present financial crisis, we must all understand that we didn’t arrive here overnight, and it’s not simply because of the low oil prices.  It is due to the sub-par decisions that have been made.  I believe very strongly in local control and the 10th Amendment which gives power to the people; however, we haven’t heard Oklahoma residents or the legislature talk much about this.  Instead, we have sat back and watched the federal and state government intrude on the peoples’ rights.  As your state representative, I will fight to stop this intrusion.  I believe that the constitution is the basis of all government actions; it seems as though our 1st 2nd, and 10th Amendments are constantly under attack, and I will fight to protect these every day.  As we fight for our rights, the foundation to develop policies that will benefit our communities, our family farms/ranches, basic rights, economy, and our schools will be laid; all of these areas are interrelated.  We must revitalize our basic needs and services through pro-education, pro-health, and pro-safety as a whole, and not just as bits and pieces of services that have nothing to do with one another.  We must realize that the decisions we make today affects not only this generation, but generations to come.

            Again, Proverbs 29:18 comes to mind: people without a vision ultimately lose direction and perish.  I believe that as a state, we have lost our vision, and the state we grew up in is in danger if we don’t catch God’s vision to move forward.  When people catch God’s vision, things begin to change for the good.  I believe this election of 2016 is critical for our state.  We must decide as the Israelites had to decide; are we in fact ready to go forward and trust God?  My family and I have responded with simple, “Here I am, Lord; send me.”  I want to be your voice, your representative, and God’s agent in the Oklahoma Legislature.  Together, we are strong, and we can be heard.  I am asking you to support this mission project, so that I may serve and make a difference.  Remember, Kibbe Cares!





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  • Regarding Education - “We are at a critical crossroads. We the people need to follow up, hold people accountable in legislative positions.” Rick Kibbe
  • Regarding the Future of Oklahoma - “The Bible says people without a vision perish. Oklahoma needs a vision of the future.” Rick Kibbe
  • Regarding Oklahoma Government - “(We) must assume responsibility and elect people in 2016 with a vision for our kids.” Rick Kibbe

Quotes fromPublic Radio Tulsa:

  • Regarding standing up and making a difference - "And we as a people have to decide, hey, we can help. We can make a difference. I will volunteer. I will do what I can to elect people with a vision, and I will make sure that my legislators know what my vision is for this state." Rick Kibbe 

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