Did You Know!  Oklahoma Government expecting additional Education Budget Cuts?

Rick Kibbe , Friday, 6/24/2016

I was blessed today as we went out to knock on doors and visit people.  Todaty, I was joined by our oldest granddaughter and our youngest granddaughter.  The two of them are a reflection of our future leaders.

Let's remember our children and grand children when we vote on June 28th.🇺🇸

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Did You Know!  Oklahoma Government expecting additional Education Budget Cuts?

Rick Kibbe , Friday, 6/24/2016

Did you know?  That although some people are saying education was held harmless that schools are preparing for yet another cut when they start the new year in July.  The letter shown in the picture is to let CCOSA Members know that they are expecting additional cuts of approximately $36.80 per student unit.  This is on top of multiple cuts already passed down in the 2015-2016 school year.

Our district is preparing for over $100,000 in loss revenue because of this. Help me be a voice in the Oklahoma Legislature on June 28th and let
's put an end to the slow execution of our education system.

Why Do We Need The 2nd Amendment?

​Rick Kibbe, Friday, 5/6/2016

Here is one of the best quotes ever regarding the 2nd Amendment: “The Second Amendment is timeless for our Founders grasped that self-defense is three-fold: every free individual must protect themselves against the evil will of the man, the mob and the state.” ― Tiffany Madison, civil liberties journalist

The 2nd Amendment actually reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."  This right to for "people to keep and bear Arms" is further protected under the defined intent (as determined by the Supreme Court) of the 14th amendment.  

I believe that the reason for protecting the 2nd Amendment is to help maintain the power of the individual people to not be overrun and controlled by the Federal Government or State Government.  To not protect this basic American right is to also give up the ability to defend or protect all other American rights.


for OK House District 8 

OK Tax Exemptions Need Reevaluation!

Rick Kibbe , Monday, 5/9/2016

Did you know? The Oklahoma government has 153 different kinds of tax exemptions! While some of these are designed to help boost the long term OK economy, this list needs to be closely reviewed and likely revoke some of these to help the Oklahoma budget and fund education and healthcare.

We have to be smart as a state and electing individuals that have their finger on the pulse of the budget and these issues is critical! Let's make a difference starting with the OK House Primary on June 28th.Type your paragraph here.

Stay Informed and Keep An Eye on the OK House

​Rick Kibbe, Monday, 5/2/2016

Stay informed and keep an eye on the current OK House. We have current representatives that have not been passing the needed legislation for the past several years to properly fund education and health care. They are still talking new bills in May that will likely lead to additional cuts that further negatively impacts our schools and healthcare system.

Stay informed and let your representatives know where you stand. More to come on this. Be sure to use your votes in June.

A Wifes' View of Rick Kibbe

By Ladena Kibbe , 6/22/2016

Rick Kibbe is a God fearing man, humble, outgoing, friendly, ambitious, well versed in politics and can think on his feet. He has a passion for the state of Oklahoma, with a desire to make a better future for our children and grandchildren, for people that work and live here, for those that call Oklahoma home.
As a young boy he mowed lawns, had a paper route, sacked grocery’s, flipped burgers and washed dishes. As a teenager he worked for farmers, ranchers, and wielders. In college he worked at a Phillips 66 station and became assistant manager. As an adult he has been a teacher and supplemented his income for his family by running a trucking company with his dad, they hauled wheat into and fertilizer out of Johnston Port 33.

After collage his first teaching job was as a Social Science Teacher/Bus Driver at Taloga 1980-1988. His first administrative job was for the Department of Corrections (DOC) as the Director of Education for James Crabtree Correctional Center in Helena, 1988-1993, Middle School Principal at Timberlake Public Schools 1993-1996, Superintendent at Texhoma Public Schools 1996-2005, Coyle Public Schools 2005-2007 and Catoosa Public Schools 2007-Present. Rick has stayed true to his mission of making advancements and improvements at every place he has ever worked. 

Rick became interested in politics when he was about 16 years old and volunteered to help a local man from our hometown (“Buzz” Bradshaw) on his successful journey to the State House of Representatives District 59 back in 1974. Rick participated in Boys State of Oklahoma the following summer, a weeklong camp where one standout student from each Oklahoma high school gathers to set up a mock government. Rick went on to participate in many other campaigns throughout his adult life. 

Rick is always saying “Do the right thing, for the right reason, the right way, with the right attitude.” As his wife of 39 years, I have witness that doing the right thing is not always the popular thing. 

Rick will make a great Oklahoma House Representative, and he will do so with passion, dignity, humbleness, and with a servant’s heart for the people of House District 8 and this Great State of Oklahoma. Remember Kibbe Cares.

Be Smart on Wind Energy

​Rick Kibbe, Friday, 5/6/2016

Not the Whole Story! A recent article in the Tulsa World was a strong advocate for tax breaks for wind energy. However, it doesn't tell the whole story. People often think of wind energy as being equivalent to oil and gas in regards to a benefit to Oklahoma but with the added benefit of being clean, renewable energy.

However, while wind energy does generate a small amount of property tax revenue (small versus the massive amounts of revenue being generated), wind energy is not taxed on production like oil and gas. I grew up in Western Oklahoma in the heart of what is now the wind energy fields and you don't see the schools there operating with better budgets than what we see in District 8 and the hospitals there are continuing to struggle to survive.

Our Oklahoma Government has to look at the entire picture and not just at one small benefit while we let massive amounts of money leave our state. These issues rob government budgets and negatively impact District 8 in turn. Be smart and let your congressmen know where you stand on these issues. Use your vote to make a difference on June 28th.